Combivent and Asthma

The increase in asthma is a bit alarming. In fact doctors are seeing it develop at younger and younger ages. If you are reading this article there’s a good chance you or someone in your family suffers from asthma. Thankfully the medication options continue to improve. So what is the relationship between Combivent and asthma?

Combivent is one of the newest asthma medications used in patients that suffer from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD as well as other forms of asthma. Combivent and asthma medications in this class of ipratropium bromide and albuterol sulfate have a good history of working well.

How It Works

Combivent or asthma no-name substitute products are stored in a pressurized canister attached to a hand operated pump. The metered dose inhaler releases the exact amount of medication in an aerosol form.

You will fully exhale first and then place the mouthpiece into your mouth and push the pump while inhaling. The medication will work to open the airways so that you can breath easy again.

Cluster Headaches Blood Vessel Dilation

There are many different types of headaches. Cluster headaches are a type of headache which progresses and changes. There are some new theories emerging about their cause, but what has been agreed upon is that with cluster headaches blood vessel dilation plays a role.

The brain itself does not actually feel pain; rather, a headache occurs in the tissue that surrounds the brain. Nerve endings in the tissue are affected and send pain signals to your brain. With cluster headaches blood vessel dilation is definitely a contributor. It is also thought that the vessels of the face, the nerves behind the eyes, and inflammation may all be contributing factors.

The cluster headache earned its name because the headaches occur over a period of time that may be days, weeks, or months and it includes passive and non-passive periods. During an active period you need to more careful to avoid the triggers. This is a very painful type of headache but thankfully it is fairly rare.

Blood Vessel Dilation

Bee Sting Allergy Symptoms

Bee stings themselves may not be increasing but bee sting allergies are definitely on the rise. The reason why is of great debate among scientists, doctors, and other professionals. What’s more important to you is what bee sting allergy symptoms look like.

When a bee stings you it leaves its stinger in your skin, which delivers poison to your body. Bee’s sting both people and animals and each react different. Some people no reaction at all while others have severe bee sting allergy symptoms.

Minor Bee Sting Allergy Symptoms

Wondering what the symptoms of bee sting allergy symptoms look like? There can be many symptoms. If you’ve ever been stung you’ve experienced that deep burning feeling combined with can only be described as a sharp pinch. It hurts! But that’s a common reaction and not necessarily the beginning of a reaction.

Most people can fend of the small amount of poison that a bee injects, but for those that can’t you need to know the bee sting allergy symptoms that can arise.

Understanding Back Therapy: Sacroiliac

In the early part of the 20th century the majority of lower back injuries were associated with the sacroiliac joint. Today it remains the same and it still is very painful. Perhaps now is a good time to get a better understanding of back therapy sacroiliac.

Anatomy 101

To better understand back therapy for the sacroiliac you need to understand the anatomy. The sacroiliac joint is one of two joints in your pelvis connecting the tailbone and the large pelvic bone.

The sacroiliac joints connect your spine and pelvis. This joint is not like any other joint.

That’s because the sacroiliac joint is covered with two different kinds of cartilage. Without going into a detailed anatomy lesson let’s just say one of the cartilages is spongy while the other is slick and these two surfaces rub against each other.

This joint is also unique in the number of bumps and ridges it has fitting together like a puzzle. This joint get’s its major movement from stretching and giving. You begin to see why back therapy sacroiliac might be somewhat complex.


Allergies in Cesarean Section Babies

Cesarean births are on the increase and as a result, it seems there is an increase in infant allergies. In fact, recent studies have shown that allergies in Cesarean section babies are a very real problem during the first year of birth.

One of the most common allergies in C-section babies is the allergy to cow’s milk, which was twice as high as babies born through vaginal birth. And both moms and dads also often miss it.


Your baby may suffer colic, have more diarrhea, have a fowl-smelling stool, develop a rash, or a host of other obscure symptoms that can be easily missed. Allergies in Cesarean section babies are very common, yet pediatricians often fail to discuss this with parents.

Acid Reflux Natural Treatment Options

The stomach acids in your stomach are there for a very good reason. It’s not the actual acid that causes acid reflux. These acids are needed to break down food for proper digestion.

Many people suffer from acid reflux, often taking prescription drugs to treat it. In fact, you might be surprised to hear that acid reflux natural treatment options can take care of the problem most of the time.

I know what you’re thinking – It can’t be that simple, otherwise my doctor would not have prescribed medication. There are certainly times when the heavier guns are needed but for the most part acid reflux natural treatment options will take care of the problem. So let’s have a look at those options.

Chew Chew Chew

A very simple acid reflux natural treatment is to simply chew more. Many of us are rushed when we are eating and you are likely the same.

If you take time to chew your food better, it will get the saliva and food ratio mix correct and then the digestion process will start right and you won’t get acid reflux.

No More Snacking

Hydrotherapy Holistic Pain Relief

Hydrotherapy is a type of natural healing that works by using both the motion as well as the temperature of water to bring relief to the human body. Hydrotherapy is a holistic water cure therapy; a method of reducing stress, decreasing discomfort from a number of health problems and encouraging healing after surgery. Popular in Europe, hydrotherapy is gaining ground in the United States and Canada as more and more people become aware of its many benefits to health.

Hydrotherapy is popular and is used a great deal in the treatment of many ailments and disorders and it has brought relief to those who suffer from back, neck and knee injuries; asthma sufferers and arthritis sufferers. Hydrotherapy is also beneficial for those with hyperthermia, pulmonary disease, swollen ankles and varicose veins.

Pregnancy Helped

Do You Suffer From Degenerative Disk Or Stenosis?

Do you have a throbbing lower back? Having a tough time moving around? You could be suffering from degenerative disk or stenosis.

If you’ve never heard the terms, degenerative disk or stenosis it’s time you did because it could be the root of your back pain. Your vertebrae are the group of bones that make up the lumbar spine located in your lower back. The nerves are encased in the spinal canal, which runs through your vertebrae and there is a disc located between these vertebrae.

A degenerative disk and a stenosis can occur due to either an injury or aging. As the fluid around the disc reduces, the spinal face joints begin to thicken and enlarge; this is called degenerative disk.

It causes the lumbar spinal canal to narrow causing spinal stenosis. Think of a garden hose that over time has a lime deposit build up inside causing the diameter of the hose to narrow – that’s exactly what occurs with spinal stenosis.

Symptoms Of Stenosis