Ocular Migraines

In our modern world, many people suffer from migraine headaches, and sadly, too many people think all migraines are alike, but they are not. There are many different types of migraine headaches but ocular migraines is one that often gets forgotten about because it makes up on 15% of all sufferers.

In fact if you are a migraine suffer you could be suffering with ocular migraines and not even know it. An ocular migraine is the type that focuses on that part of the aura where visual symptoms dominate. Sometimes there is never any tangible headache.

About The Ocular Migraine

If you don’t understand what a regular migraine headache is and the pain associated with that, you might be confused when you start hearing about ocular migraines because there is no pain. You might even begin to wonder if that’s what you’ve been suffering with.

Menopause Night Sweats

Can you go from cool to hot in under 30 seconds? Do you wake up during the night feeling like you are on fire? You are not alone; many women suffer from night sweats during pre menopause and menopause.

Night sweats are characterized by a sudden increase in your entire body temperature resulting in you feeling uncomfortable. There are many solutions for night sweats relating to menopause with many of them natural and so very safe. But first, you need to understand why this phenomenon occurs.

Hormone Changes

You already know that during pre-menopause and menopause, there is a decrease in hormones in your body and they often become unbalanced.

This estrogen/progesterone hormone imbalance is what causes night sweats. The good news is it too shall pass, and faster if know how to help balance those raging hormones.

Medical Snoring Devices

Through research it has been learned that snoring and sleep apnea can be serious conditions. In fact they have become directly related to heart issues.

But the good news is there are some excellent medical snoring devices on the market that will not only reduce your risks but also let your family sleep easier.

Of all the medical snoring devices CPAP is the number one on the market. It works for both snoring and sleep apnea and it is prescribed by doctors for those more serious situations.

CPAP is the #1 sleep apnea device on the market but there are other sleep apnea solutions. The treatment that’s right for you will depend on how bad your snoring and sleep apnea is but we will look at a few different devices that are available.

That’s because this device has almost a 100% success rate. Surgery would be the equivalent method of opening the airways while you sleep.

Of all the medical snoring devices designed for the serious snorer the reason CPAP is used so often is that it is both non invasive and it is easy to set up and use.

Malignant High Blood Pressure

Most of us are familiar with high blood pressure but the term malignant high blood pressure is likely not as recognizable to most of us. Yet it is important that you can recognize this serious condition.

Malignant hypertension is caused when you have a severe rise in your blood pressure and it won’t come back down to its normal range. This means that the diastolic blood pressure jumps up over 120mm Hg. Why this happens isn’t yet understood but what is understood is the seriousness of it.

Risk Factors

If you are of African origin, if you smoke, or if you have high blood pressure, you are much more likely to suffer from malignant hypertension. There is no age that is immune to this condition including children.

Controlling malignant high blood pressure is difficult, but if it is not brought under control it will damage vital organs such as the brain, heart, or kidneys. It will also damage the blood vessels.


History of Hepatitis A

If you aren’t familiar with Hepatitis A you should be. There’s a misconception about who is at risk, and although it is considered the least serious it still is serious. Let’s start with a look at the history of Hepatitis A.

The History

Hepatitis is believed to date all the way back to ancient times. It was described a disease of the liver that caused the skin to yellow. It was in 1963 that serum hepatitis was identified and labeled Hepatitis B or HBV.

It took another ten years for Hepatitis A or HAV to be identified, and until 1989 for Hepatitis C or HCV to be isolated. Since then there have been other Hepatitis viruses identified.

Hepatitis A Identified

Once Hepatitis A was identified it was also better understood. Although the history of Hepatitis A dates it back to early times they didn’t know what it was or how to treat it. Hepatitis inflammation of the liver – hepar = liver and itis = inflammation.

Bee Sting Allergy

Allergic reactions from stinging insects are on the rise. The number of people that suffer from a bee sting allergy has risen dramatically in the past few years. The number of hospital visits and even deaths from wasp, hornet, and bee stings is alarming.

A bee sting results when part of the stinger of the bee [or wasp] delivers poison to the skin area it pierces. This can be on a human or another animal. Although most of us do not suffer a bee sting allergy some people do.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Bee Sting?

There can be a lot different symptoms but the most common is that sharp pinch pain or a burning feeling in the area where the bee stung. Some people hardly notice it while others have enough pain to see them head to the hospital.

The burning and pain is a result of the venom in the bee sting. Others develop symptoms such as a rash or difficulty breathing. A bee allergy can be mild to life threatening.

8 Tips To Reduce Hot Flashes and Nausea

More than 50 million women in the US alone are in some stage of menopause and as much as 80% of those women are suffering from hot flashes and nausea. That’s why menopause has become a multi billion dollar industry.

Hot flashes and nausea can be treated several different ways but it all begins with eliminating the hot flash itself, because the nausea is a result of the unexpected increase in the body’s core temperature.

When a hot flash occurs often the skin becomes blotchy or red, perspiration increase, the heartbeats rapidly, nausea occurs, and then as it ends chills set in.

Here are some simple approaches to reducing hot flashes and nausea and they are all related to lifestyle and natural remedies.

    1. Stay away from stimulants such as caffeine, spicy foods, alcohol that can all trigger hot flashes. Did you know that spicy foods are a major trigger? Excessive caffeine works as a diuretic, which causes the loss of magnesium, and calcium, which can trigger a hot flash and nausea.

Glucosamine and Chondroitin Rheumatoid Arthritis Products

Do you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis? Then there’s a good chance that you’ve already heard about glucosamine and chondroitin. After all they seems to be making it to the mainstream these days.

Just about every television channel has ads for these products. But what about glucosamine chondroitin rheumatoid arthritis products – do they work?

Many arthritis sufferers have found relief with glucosamine and chondroitin. Rheumatoid arthritis sufferers and osteoarthritis sufferers use glucosamine chondroitin arthritis products. The only thing holding these products back as being touted as a real treatment is the lack of scientific studies to back it up.

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