Hep C Stages

Hepatitis C has been thrown into the lime light. This is due to the fact that several well known celebrities have been diagnosed with it and have went public talking about it.

It’s not a particularly nice health problem to talk about, as its harmful effects can be very severe, but it’s nonetheless important for people to discuss it. That’s because there are millions of people who suffer from Hepatitis C, and these people will want to know exactly what the Hep C stages are.

What is Hepatitis C?

Let’s set the record straight, as some are confused: Hepatitis C is NOT a sexually transmitted disease. In fact, most medical researchers are unsure that you can even get Hep C through sexual contact.

Hepatitis C is, however, a virus which is transferred from person to person in a variety of ways. It is a virus that attacks the liver and causes other health issues. People with Hep C don’t know they have it until there has been significant damage done to the liver.

Where Does it Come From?

Smoking and Migraines

Have you ever felt a sharp, severe pain in your head? Practically every person does at one point or another, but some experience it far more than others. These people are known as migraine sufferers. They have frequent migraines which can disrupt their life.

There are many causes for migraine headaches, but one that some are now thinking of as being a cause is smoking. But is there really a connection between smoking and migraines?

What is a Migraine?

It’s a bit silly to discuss the connection without first discussing what a migraine headache is. Well, it’s basically a very severe “attack”. The migraine isn’t formally known as a type of headache, even though in almost all cases a headache is part of a migraine attack.

Someone who is having a migraine attack may be extremely sensitive to light and sound, have a pounding pain in their head, and dizziness. If you’re having a migraine, you might also feel nauseous and throw up. How bad the pain is will depend on the severity of the attack. It can range from mild to severe.

Infertility and Human Papilloma Virus

Women of childbearing age are usually able to conceive when they truly want to and are typically very healthy. However, there are health issues which can change this. Two health issues which can affect the ability to have children are infertility and human papilloma virus.

In this article you’ll learn the basics about each and how they are connected. You’ll also learn what possible treatments are available to you if you have HPV or are experiencing infertility.

What is Infertility?

Infertility is the inability to conceive and bear children. A woman who is having unprotected sex on her most fertile days of the month with a healthy male who is fertile and still cannot get pregnant is said to be having issues with infertility. This is a problem that affects millions of women.

Why Does Infertility Occur?

Lazy Eye in Adults

There are a lot of vision problems which afflict adults. These include glaucoma, astigmatism and many others. One most people don’t think of as being a problem for adults is strabismus, better known as lazy eye. The common misconception is that this vision problem is only something that children experience, but that really isn’t true.

A lot of adults also have lazy eye, and some don’t even know it, even though it effects their ability to concentrate on what they’re reading. We’ll be discussing lazy eye in adults.

What is Lazy Eye?

Lazy eye is a very common eye problem which typically occurs during early childhood. It is a problem in which the eyes cannot stay focused on something. One eye may cross in when it really shouldn’t have.

It’s an inability for the eyes to work together and focus the correct way, caused by the eyes being misaligned. Some adults don’t have lazy eye until they’re in their teens or have reached adulthood. If they get it during childhood, it usually goes away on its own.

Astigmatism Hard to Correct?

A lot of people where glasses. In fact, it is estimated that 30-50% of people in the United States and Canada wear glasses or eye contacts. There are many reasons for why people wear glasses, though the most common is astigmatism.

Astigmatism is an eye condition that is not understood by some people, and it’s really no wonder, considering the fact that it isn’t as often discussed as it really should be. That’s why we’ll talk about astigmatism and we’ll answer the question is astigmatism hard to correct?

What is Astigmatism?

It’s quite possible that you or someone you know has an astigmatism. It’s an extremely common problem that practically every person experiences to one degree or another. To properly understand what an astigmatism is, it’s important to first discuss the basics of the human eye.

A normal human eye is spherical in shape and properly refracts light. When the light is properly refracted, the vision is crystal clear. A person can see in perfect 20/20 vision.

High Blood Pressure When Walking

In order to get and stay healthy, it is important to eat right and of course exercise. By exercising, you are able to lower your blood pressure, lose weight and feel better.

Walking is a great source of exercise, which is why many who are looking to get healthier decide to walk regularly. Some people are scared off when they experience minor health problems when exercising.

For instance, some people who have high blood pressure when walking may think it means they should avoid exercise. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as we’ll soon discuss.

What is Blood Pressure?

Before talking about high blood pressure when walking, let’s first discuss what blood pressure is. Blood pressure is the amount of pressure placed on the vessels when blood is pushed throughout the body. If the pushing is too great, the blood pressure is high.

Exercise: Is It Good for the Heart?

Final Stages of Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s can be a very devastating disorder. Not just for the people who experience it, but also their relatives. It is a draining disorder that takes its course on a person, and when it is done, the person is typically reduced to a shell of himself.

This can be a difficult thing to think about, but it’s something that thousands, if not millions of people must think about.

The final stages of Parkinson’s are among the most difficult of the entire ordeal. Before we can talk about the last stages, we’ll first talk a bit about what Parkinson’s is.

What is Parkinson’s?

Parkinson’s isn’t a cancer or something that is, as far as medical researchers know, passed on from generation to generation. It is a brain disorder in which several areas of the body are affected.

People who have Parkinson’s may first have subtle symptoms of the disorder before it turns into a full blown problem.

What are the Symptoms?

Lupus Massage Therapy

For many, lupus can be a very painful disease to have. Depending on the severity, lupus may even disrupt a person’s life and leave them unable to perform everyday things that most people take for granted. Despite all of the medical advances made in the last quarter century, there still isn’t one medicine that can completely treat lupus.

However, there is lupus massage therapy, a very highly effective way of making lupus easier to live with. Not sure how massage therapy is beneficial to people who have lupus? You’ll learn more here.

What is Lupus?

Before we can delve into the benefits of lupus massage therapy, we must first discuss what lupus is. In basic terms, lupus is an autoimmune system disease. It chronically affects people.

Someone who has lupus may have inflammation, pain, and tissue damage throughout their body. That’s because lupus attacks the body’s own tissues as if they’re foreign substances. A person who has serious lupus may have problems with their heart, lungs, or blood cells.