Your Birth Plan- Talk to Your Doctor

Having a birth plan can really help you communicate to your doctor and birthing team what you want when you are in labor. The requests are made because often women are in too much discomfort and to express their wishes and concerns. Make sure you have an idea of what you want early in your pregnancy so you can find the best doctor and hospital to handle your needs and care.

You can find many examples in pregnancy books and on the Internet to help you organize your thoughts and make an easy to understand plan. You want to make sure that your plan is complete and your doctor has a copy on file and at the hospital by 32 to 36 weeks or sooner.

Make Copies

Make sure all the important people involved in your pregnancy have a copy and have read your birth plan. The doctor should have 2 copies so one is in the office, and the other is in your pre-registration packet at the hospital where you will deliver. Your coach, doula, and any other people who will be attending the birth, should have one as well and bring it with them.

Newborn’s Umbilical Cord – Should You Bank?

Expecting parents are faced with many important decisions before their baby is born. These include the basics, such as naming the baby, which pediatrician to go to, and breastfeeding or formula feeding. Now you add in whether daycare is need and where to go and how long to be out of work, and many parents dont even consider cord banking on the top priority list or think about it until it is too late.

Cord Banking

Cord banking is a hot topic these days. Youve seen the commercials and ads in the magazines at the doctors office, but never paid them much mind. Try to think about it, it could save your childs life. You never know if your child will develop some disease or need this. Having it might be the best medicine money can buy.

Free Medic Alert Bracelets for Diabetes

Free medic alert bracelets for those with diabetes are hard to find, but some organizations do offer them as product samples. One such company, American Medical ID ( offers tabletop order form displays that include gift certificates so that interested individuals can obtain complimentary necklaces or bracelets. These are targeted toward educators and other healthcare professionals who set up booths at tradeshows or health fairs as promotional giveaway items or to be used as raffle prizes.

When ordering, American Medical ID requests information regarding what the particular event is (health fair, tradeshow, etc.) and also requires the date on which the event is to occur. To learn more about the program, contact American Medical ID by calling its toll-free phone number at 1-800-363-5985 or by e-mailing the company using the online contact form on the Web site. Live chat is also featured on this site every weekday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central Standard Time with online assistants to answer any questions.

Cool Med ID

Diagnostic Ultrasound Certification Training

Although no legally mandated training or practice standards yet exist for sonographers, most Canadian and U.S. employers seek out those that are registered or certified, or at minimum, eligible to become registered or to receive certification. This allows hiring entities to have a written assurance that these individuals have been trained to recognize conditions that are medically significant, recognize things mimicking or obscuring pathology, and to utilize methods that minimize the exposure to ultrasound. Read on to learn more about some of the learning facilities available for those interested in pursuing diagnostic ultrasound certification training.

The Glenn E. Vickrey School of Diagnostic Ultrasound

The Glenn E. Vickrey School of Diagnostic Ultrasound at Baptist Medical Center South is located in Montgomery, Alabama. The school’s 12-month-long program focusing on general ultrasound affords high-quality education to graduates who have completed a six-month, patient-care-related course of allied health education.

Where to Buy Classic Stainless Steel Medical ID Bracelets

People with certain medical conditions should seriously consider wearing an identification bracelet to alert others should an event occur in which they cannot speak for themselves to get help. For instance, certain food and/or medicine allergies (peanuts, penicillin, etc.) can cause anaphylactic shock – swelling of the throat, breathing difficulties, collapse of the circulatory system, and even heart failure.

Other conditions that might warrant wearing an ID bracelet are chronic arthritis, diabetes, heart conditions, and hypoglycemia. A bracelet can immediately alert other people as to what your condition is, which can then be relayed to emergency personnel.

Although many styles and designs of these types of bracelets are available, the classic stainless steel medical ID bracelet remains one of the most popular. Read on for some online retailers that offer this potentially lifesaving jewelry that can be conveniently ordered from the comfort of your home and delivered straight to your front door.

American Medical ID

Where Can I Purchase a Glucose Monitor?

If you have diabetes and because both you and your doctor need to keep abreast of your disease, he may recommend you record your blood glucose levels with a glucose monitor and blood glucose test strips. Your doctor will most likely advise you to test your blood sugar level two to four times per day. Test strips, made from thin, chemically impregnated material are used by applying a drop of blood with which the glucose in it reacts to the chemicals in the test strip.

Monitors are used to precisely measure the amount of glucose in the drop of blood. Glucose monitors and test strips can be purchased at places like your local drugstore, medical supply house, or online. Read on to learn of a few places to buy these items securely and conveniently on the Internet and have them delivered right to your door.

Diabetes Supply

What is 3D Fetal Ultrasound?

3D ultrasoundOver a span of more than 35 years, the field of obstetrics has utilized ultrasound technology. A countless number of these procedures have been performed on over three generations of women. This non-invasive method, with its numerous benefits, has been confirmed to hold no adverse effects. In fact, according to the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the levels of energy used in ultrasound produce little, if any at all, effects on the developing fetus.

The Advantages of Ultrasound Imaging Technology

Ultrasound’s many valuable advantages include not only finding abnormalities in the fetus, but also often result in positive psychological results from expecting women. When mothers-to-be actually see the developing life within them, such highly beneficial changes that may be necessary, such as smoking cessation or adhering to a healthy diet, very often successfully occur.

Travel Radiology for Hospitals and Clinics

Because of rapid advancements in many fields of medicine, hospitals, clinics, companies who employ medical staff, and other entities find themselves in almost desperate need for quality personnel, and the need for radiologists is increasing. As a result, the radiology professional willing to travel is finding lucrative opportunities or employment. With fewer techs in certain areas of the country that have the experience and knowledge to handle radiology care, hospitals and other places that hire this type of professional have now begun requesting them to come to where their institution or company is located – and the demand is continuing to increase daily.

Some Like It, Some Don’t

For those in the field of radiology, traveling to work may be requested of you. While some may reject the idea, many find the idea very appealing by viewing it as an opportunity to provide help where it’s most needed while giving them the ability to see parts of the country they’ve never seen before and perhaps never would without doing it this way.

Working Through Agencies