Detox Drug Therapy

When the inner chemical environment of our body suffers from toxic effects of certain elements, we need some effective detox technique. Research has worked out several remedies for detoxification like alcohol detox treatments, detox diet plans, and so on.

Despite the natural detox system of body, many toxins make their way inside cell walls, bones, and ligaments and certain toxins rest on cell surfaces. The usual detox treatments fail in successfully cleansing the body of these toxins. Now we have several natural detox drug formulas that seem to cleanse the body deeply and thoroughly.


Modifilan is a natural detox drug formula contrived by Russian scientists. It comes in the form of a nutritional supplement that is extracted from the brown seaweed Laminaria japonica. It attaches to the heavy metals, free radicals, and radioactive elements that poison the body and removes them while protecting the food canal and thyroid metabolism from any harm.

Sublingual EDTA

Vicodin Detox

Vicodin is a common prescription drug that is given for pain management. It is also an opiate like heroin or morphine, and it is highly addictive. If you find yourself in the middle of a vicodin addiction, the first course of action that you will have to take on the road to recovery is vicodin detox.

Before beginning this process, it is a good idea to call a professional counselor or center for help with your vicodin detox, since it will be safer to go through the process in a controlled environment with staff that is specially trained to help you with the journey.

Why is Vicodin so Addictive?

Vicodin can alter the way that your mind and body normally process information. This means that even if you make the decision to stop taking vicodin, your mind will tell you that you still need the drug, because it thinks it needs the medication to function. This makes it very difficult to come off of vicodin without help, and why a controlled environment will become so crucial.

Detox Center Renews You

Body detox is an important process that everyone needs to do annually. When it comes to body detox process, there are two options commonly; one is to do it yourself at home, and the other one is to go to a detox center and get the treatment from the experts there. There are basically two different types of detox centers in the United States, which are the conventional detox center, and the drug addiction detox centers.

The Conventional Centers

These centers perform the detox process, similar to the ones you have heard about or you have been doing yourself at home. The only difference is that the results of the detox process at this detox center is much faster and obvious compared to the ones at home, which is solely dependant on a special diet and supplements.

Dealing with Alcohol Detox Symptoms

Alcoholism is an epidemic all through the world in both young and old alike. Often, alcoholism is not detected in a person because “that’s just the way he/she has always been.” There are thousands of so-called “functioning alcoholics” who go unsuspected day by day because of their ability to do their jobs and participate in every-day activities.

Yet, they still rely deeply on alcohol and in fact, feel they cannot live without it. Fighting alcoholism is a life-long battle for many, and for those who have overcome it, it is a struggle they do not take lightly. Many even continue to be involved in some form of support group throughout their lives.

Typical Alcohol Detox Symptoms

While alcoholism is sometimes difficult to spot, the detox symptoms of alcohol are not so subtle. For the struggling alcoholic trying desperately to leave his addiction behind, many symptoms of withdrawal begin to manifest themselves. Some people experience tremors with which they involuntarily begin to shake and cannot control their movements.

Oxycontin Detox Programs

One of the most important key points in life is to keep oneself away from addiction of drugs, especially dangerous ones such as oxycontin. Oxycontin addiction is something that many people discuss these days. Ever since this drug was approved by the FDA in 1995 as a powerful prescription for pain relief, it has now become one of the hottest selling drugs in the streets of America, which according to statistics causes about 120 deaths a year.

Intended for the use in cancer patients and chronic pain sufferers, this medicine has lead to many physical dependencies these days as well. Exposure to high doses of the drug for an extended period of time will have a hard impact on the person.

What should Oxycontin Detox Patients Expect?

Thousands of people are being sent over to detox centers every year for them to recover. At these centers, besides just giving mental assistance, physical detox will also be provided, to get rid of the left over of the toxins due to the intake of oxycontin. An oxycontin detox is much similar to detox of any other drug, and it involves many different stages.

What is Herbal Detox

Experts say that we should detox our body at least once in six months. This process is however takes almost six months in itself. Some people find this process a very time consuming thing, and they seek alternatives that work faster. It is for such people that alternative such as the herbal detox medications were invented.

In reality, these herbal detox medications do the same thing as your own detox process; only that it is faster. Herbal detox usually comes in the form of pills and liquids, and the contents of these medicines or detox agents are not more than anything herbal. This would include herbs like milk thistle, chlorophyll, red clover, and licorice roots.

Just like conventional detox, herbal detox also cleanses important organs in the body such as the kidneys, liver, colon, and others. In the colon, this herbal detox will do the same thing as what colon cleansing or detox at centers do. It basically helps to cleanse the colon, flush away the toxins, parasites and bacteria, and improves digestion, besides strengthening the large intestine muscles.

How does it Work?

Detox – Natural vs. Artificial

Detox is short for detoxification i.e. the process of removing toxic substances from the body. More specifically, detoxification refers to a number of different approaches by which the body is cleansed of harmful substances. These include treatments for drug addiction and alcoholism, adopting certain diet plans that are thought to be innocuous to the body in general, alternate treatment methods (herbal, electromagnetic, acupuncture etc.), and other processes that focus on making the toxic substances less toxic to preclude their harmful effects.

Detoxification can be both natural and artificial. Natural detox is mostly performed by the kidneys and liver; both organs playing special roles in removing toxic compounds (mostly those rich in nitrogen) from the body. Artificial detox is mostly carried out by techniques such as dialysis and chelation therapy. Dialysis is needed in patients whose kidneys fail to perform their function. Dialysis follows the principle of diffusion and separates toxic compounds from the patient’s blood by difference in concentration of various substances present in the blood.

Detox Diet Plan Myths

Why it is that most of the detox diet plans do not work as we think they should? Why is it that in spite of the out best intentions and best detox diet plans, the results are often not as we expected them to be? To find the answers to these questions we will need to understand what detox diet plans are and what can make them succeed or fail.

Most Detox Diet Plans Do Not Work – The Main Reasons for Disappointment

There are too many myths that surround the detox diet plans. The following will brief you on the most popular beliefs and the truth.

    1. Once we adopt the detox diet plans we feel that weight would melt like butter. This is a very common myth because we feel that weight is directly proportionate with the intake of food. However, the body has stored a large quantity of fat and it will take quite some time till all this stored fat has melted so you could note some real change.