Talking to Your Doctor about Incontinence

Do you suffer from some form of incontinence? Incontinence is a serious medical disorder that can be embarrassing. It is also a very common medical condition. However, although incontinence is generally very common, especially among older populations, it is not normal. You do not have to suffer from incontinence in silence.

Visit your health professional to find out your options for how to go about treating your incontinence. Here is an overview of questions you may want to discuss with your doctor concerning your incontinence.

Basic Questions

There are many basic questions you should ask your doctor if you suspect that you have some kind of incontinence. First, ask your doctor what kind of incontinence you have. There are actually many types of incontinence.

You may also want to ask your doctor if you have more than one type of incontinence. Many people suffer from more than one type of incontinence. Once you have determined what type (or types) of incontinence you have, you will want to ask about all of your options.


Kegel Exercises for Incontinence

bladder controlDid you know that there is an easy way to help control incontinence problems? There is a simple exercise that you can do in order to help get control over your muscles.

These exercises are known as kegel exercises, and they have been used for many years in order to help strengthen several key muscles that can help you gain control over your body’s muscles.

Why should you consider using kegel exercises to treat your incontinence? There are several key benefits to the use of kegel exercises. Kegel exercises have been shown to help strengthen several of the muscles that are in charge of controlling the flow of urine. If you suffer from some form of incontinence, there is a good chance that your doctor will prescribe kegel exercises for you to do. Kegel exercises have been shown to be most effective for people who have bladder control problems.

Pelvic Floor Exercise

What is Chelation Therapy?

Chelation therapy is a form of holistic/ natural pain relief that has been found to be particularly beneficial for those suffering from atherosclerosis as well as any other type of chronic degenerative disease that is related to the heart and the overall circulatory system.

Chelation therapy is believe to work as well as it does according to researchers and scientists because it gets rid of metallic catalysts in the human body that are responsible fro the development and growth of free radicals in the body.

What are Free Radicals

To backtrack a bit, free radicals are defined as the “highly unstable chemicals that attack, infiltrate, and inure cell structures.” The majority of stable chemical compounds that are located throughout the human body contain a set of electrons but on occasion one of the two electrons gets pushed aside or pulled away which means that there is no longer a pair which can work in unison to support the body but instead a single electron.

Treating Shingles Naturally

Shingles is the version of chicken pox for adults and it is no fun at all. Shingles can be a very painful disease that occurs in two stages, first there are the prodromal stage and then the eruptive stage.

In the first stage there is fever, chills, nauseas and a headache and then numbness will appear on either the left or the right side of the face or the body accompanied by tingling, burning or shooting pains on the same side. The pain is sometimes constant and can seem unrelenting while at other times it may wax and wane. Often there is itching on the affected side of the face or body.

Eruptive Stage

Once the eruptive stage sets in the pain is then accompanied by redness and swelling and then there will appear clusters of blisters that are filled with a clear looking kind of fluid. New blisters can continue to show themselves fro up to a period of as many as five days.

Using an IUD

The intra uterine device, common called an IUD, is a contraceptive device that must be inserted into the uterus by the woman’s health care provider. The first thing that needs to be cleared up about this device is its name.

It can be confusing to many women when one contraceptive method goes by many names. The IUD has also been called the Coil. This name comes from the days, back as far as the 1960s, when this device was shaped like a coil.

They were also known as the Loop around the same time; again for the shape. Another name that this has been called is the Copper T. This time it reflects its shape and what it is made of.

With all this confusion a woman needs to know what the device she is going to use is called. She must avoid the confusion of thinking it is an IUS which is a device that uses hormones in its method of birth control.

Small but Effective

Contraceptive Implants

Researchers, physicians and those who market contraceptives continue to search for products that will be safe, useful and appeal to the men and women who might use them. The fact is that most of the responsibility for contraceptive use falls to the woman in the relationship. If it fails she is the one who will get pregnant and have the life time responsibility of parenting.

That is why researchers devote more time to working on contraceptives that will both appeal to and be easier to use for woman.

Short History

The implant method of contraception was first discovered in the late 1960s. But it was not until 1983 that they were first made available for women to use. The first one was six sticks that were implanted under the skin that released progestogen for five years.

This product is no longer on the market but has been replaced by improved products. A new one, made by the same company, requires only two sticks to be implanted under the skin and lasts for three years.

The Contraceptive Sponge

The contraceptive sponge is usually made from polyurethane foam. It is shaped somewhat like a saucer and is rated at between eight four ands ninety one percent effective. This wide spread rating is based on the fact that many women do not know how to properly use this barrier method and so the sponge is often inserted incorrectly making it not very useful.

When it is put in properly it works fairly well in preventing pregnancy. Women who choose this method of contraception need to learn the right way to insert it to ensure it offers them the protection they are looking for.

Over the Counter

There are several different kinds of these contraceptive sponges and so use varies slightly based on brand. One of the more useful types is also one of the more popular contraceptives that women can buy over the counter. It needs so prescription, no specialized fitting is necessary and the cost is relatively inexpensive. This brand also has a spermicide as part of the device and so requires no extra protection to be used.